PayerMax's subscription plans make more sources of income available to you

Customizable subscription plans

Customized subscription and recurring debits plans are available to satisfy your multiple business scenario needs.

Flexible marketing strategies

Flexible marketing strategies such as early-bird discounts and free N-day trials serve to meet your various operational needs.

Repeated attempts to collect payment for failed orders.

Should a recurred payment fail to be processed, manual and automatic recollection would be initiated to help you retrieve the order.

View supported countries

Payment and collection are supported in various countries and regions, including Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, and the Philippines.
We support the collection of payments from popular local e-wallets, and more payment methods are to be available.

Hong Kong (China)

Your various business scenarios satisfied


Available for industries with membership systems, including those in video, livestreaming, and gaming-related fields.

Reading subscription

Available for industries with user subscriptions, including those in reading, magazine, and education-related fields.

Software system

Available for products with scheduled services, including office software, network systems, and online services.

Subscription deduction process

  • User

    Complete subscription authorization

  • PayerMax

    Recurring debits

  • Merchant

    Notification of successful collection