Multi-dimensional data available for analysis, guiding you through the path to increased revenue.

With Order Search, Data Export, and Data Overview, analyze current payment trends and user behaviour, adjust your sales strategies accordingly to increase your revenue.

Resolve customer complaints quickly with our considerate service.

Self-service processing of complaints

Available in 30+ countries with different time zones, supporting multiple order query conditions to locate orders effectively and meet client needs efficiently.

1V1 account manager service

Free account services provided by PayerMax's Account Manager, Product, and Technology teams.

Flexible strategies relieving you of cash flow issues.

Self-service reconciliation

Complete reconciliation by exporting financial data from your PayerMax account or downloading it from SFTP.

Fund management

Check your account balance at any time, allocate funds flexibly, and avoid cash flow issues.

Self-service settlement

Withdraw balance to your bank accounts according to your needs via self-service.

The Users function enables you to manage access authorizations to the Merchant Dashboard as needed

Approval process

Customize internal disbursement and reimbursement approval procedures based on your business process.

Sub-account feature

Configure different levels of authorization and disclose relevant information according to employees' role to ensure data security.