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Introduction to Indonesia DANA e-wallet

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Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic,200,000 small,medium and micro enterprises(MSMEs)have joined DANA Bisnis in Indonesia to obtain help in business development and opportunities to be promoted.DANA also promised to connect 2 million MSMEs with the digital ecosystem by the end of 2020,hoping to fundamentally help Indonesian companies use network digitization to adapt to challenges from all sides.

This electronic wallet DANA,jointly launched by Ant Financial and the local Indonesian media giant Emtek,showed its ambitions after it went online,striving to bring the best online payment experience to Indonesian users,promote the digitalization of business models,and make Indonesian electronic wallets Into a new historical stage.At present,it seems that DANA is indeed achieving its goals step by step,especially since the epidemic has deployed Indonesian SMEs to help them complete transactions through online payment,and gradually integrate into the daily life of Indonesian people,provide convenient electronic payments,and actively help the government to achieve cashless society.

Comfortable experience

In general feedback from Dana users,they are satisfied with the DANA experience.It can be seen from the early days that users are driven by the phone bill recharge business.DANA spends recharges including all telecom operators in Indonesia.The launched cost packages are also very rich,including 4G,3G and even 2G services.The phone bills are received in real time.The discounts during the main promotion period are very strong.Big.The development of the telephone charge recharge business has now become a major product in the DANA business.This strategy of attracting users through preferential activities and then using a smooth experience to retain users is very successful.

DANA is also very well received in terms of transfers.According to market research,most banks'inter-bank transfers are charged.DANA is free for transfer to any bank account(Transfer to any bank account without fees&hassle!).The entire transfer process is also very simple(the picture shows the Dana bank transfer steps)

The number of user groups who need to conduct phone bills and bank transfer services in Indonesia is very large,and the frequency is very high.For them,they need a good experience e-wallet to solve their needs.DANA is not only well-loved in terms of user experience,but also helps Indonesian users save a lot of money,especially during the pandemic,every penny is precious to every user.

Successful promotional activities

Dana's various online and offline activities have emerged one after another.In addition to various activities during the coming of Ramadan in Indonesia to help Indonesian users purchase items during Ramadan,the SemingguJadiSultan was launched at this year’s National Online Shopping Festival(11.11)(one week).Become a Sudan)plan,each user can purchase and share coupons with other users from November 9 to 11,2020.The use of coupon sharing to achieve event fission can not only promote the event quickly,but also help DANA acquire a large number of new users.

At the same time,Dana also provides users with the opportunity to win various attractive prizes,from gadgets to vouchers,including Samsung Note 10+,iPhone 11 Pro,Xiaomi TV 43 inches and fund balance vouchers worth 2.5 million rupiah.

The development of these activities can not only help DANA gain more transaction volume but also bring more new users.

Deeply bind the e-commerce platform industry

In addition to various promotional activities,DANA has also deeply integrated into the two leading e-commerce platforms in Indonesia,Lazada and Bukalapak.According to statistics,Lazada has invested US$4 billion in the e-commerce platform invested by Alibaba in Indonesia,making it the fourth largest e-commerce platform in Indonesia.

Another e-commerce platform,Bukalapak,is an online shopping platform under Emtek.Bukalapak is the fourth largest unicorn company in Indonesia and the second largest e-commerce platform in Indonesia.The order resources are very rich,which is of extraordinary significance to DANA.With the blessing of Indonesia's two leading e-commerce platforms,Dana has firmly established a foothold in the field of e-commerce payment.

Dana's expansion in Indonesia seems to have been smooth sailing,but in fact,Gojek and OVO have been operating in Indonesia for many years.The strength of Gojek and OVO is also very strong.Gopay is based on the ecology of GoJek,a super app,and currently occupies the largest activity of Indonesian e-wallets;and OVO through access Grab enters the hottest ride-hailing scene in Indonesia and also relies on Tokopedia to obtain a lot of e-commerce traffic,and payment scenes such as supermarkets and hotels under the parent company Lippo are also included in the bag,occupying the top spot in market transaction share.

In the face of strong competitors,Dana relies on its technical advantages,and has won the favor of users in terms of functionality and user experience.It has won 15 million users only 5 months after going online.According to the latest statistics this year,The number of DANA users climbed to 45 million,gradually narrowing the gap with opponents.

Digital business solutions promote enterprise transformation

As another vision of Dana,DANA Bisnis is to build DANA Bisnis,a digital business solution for Indonesian small,medium and micro enterprises.Merchants collect payments through electronic payments,improve business processes and productivity,and obtain opportunities to promote their business through DANA Bisnis.

Affected by the epidemic,the number of merchants joining DANA Bisnis this year increased from 130,000 to 200,000.Merchants began to transform their traditional business models,and transactions were gradually transferred to online,which not only avoided contact with offline people,but also allowed merchants to use the Internet.The rapid expansion of business has reduced the negative impact of the epidemic on business,and at the same time promoted the transformation of the government's cashless society.

In 2021,DANA will further integrate various industries to further realize electronicization.For example,in cooperation with Parkee,DANA users can now pay parking fees directly through the application.By establishing a collaborative relationship with logistics aggregators and establishing DANA Delivery,the public and MSMEs can more easily deliver goods in a practical and integrated manner through the DANA delivery platform.