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Introduction to Indonesian e-wallet Gopay

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At the beginning of 2021,rumors of a merger between GoJek,the largest unicorn company in Indonesia,and Tokopedia,the Indonesian e-commerce giant,are raging in Indonesia.As the only payment method for GoJek,if the two are merged successfully,the payment scene of Gopay is expected to expand astonishingly beyond the super app of GoJek.


Gopay is a built-in payment program launched by GoJek in 2016.Compared with rivals OVO and Dana,Gopay has no independent applications,and its development path is similar to that of WeChat Pay in China.As we all know,WeChat Pay relies on the large number of users accumulated by WeChat to quickly occupy the market,thereby gaining the opportunity to fight against Alipay.Gopay also relies on the accumulation of GoJek users to sit on the throne of Indonesia's largest e-wallet in just a few years.

Market Share

From the active user data of both GoJek and OVO on the app annie website(calculated based on Google App Market and AppStore data),the current number of active users of GoJek(6.04 million)is 3.5 times that of the second-ranked OVO(1.71 million).Since Gopay does not have a separate statistical channel to obtain its exact data,we can still see GoPay's position in the Indonesian e-wallet market from the 3.5 times gap.

In addition,according to the data of the"2020 Fintech Report"published in the Indonesian version of"Business Daily",GoPay was the most used electronic wallet during the pandemic this year,accounting for 87%of the total number of respondents,followed by OVO(80.4%),DANA(75.6%),ShopeePay(53.2%)and LinkAja(47.5%).

Integrating the application market and poll data,Gopay firmly occupies the top spot in the Indonesian e-wallet market and has a great advantage in the number of users.

Payment scenario

Compared with major competitors OVO,Dana and other electronic wallets with independent applications,the Gopay application scenarios built into GoJek mainly exist in the GoJek ecosystem.

Payment scenario based on GoJek

Passenger transportation is the core business of GoJek.Among them,goride is a motorcycle passenger transportation service.There are two million goride drivers in Indonesia.In addition,there are taxi business gobulebird and gocar non-taxi passenger transportation business.Logistics business Go-Send and Go-Box,Indonesia’s largest food delivery service Go-Food,shopping and delivery service Go-Mart,medical drug purchase and delivery service Go-Med,ticket ordering service Go-Tix,family life billing service GoTagihan,News and entertainment gopaly and gotix,business services gobiz and other businesses,and continue to expand the business scope.


In the above scenarios,you can directly use Gopay for transactions in GoJek,the process is simple and convenient.This is based on one-stop purchase,payment,and delivery to solve various service needs in users’lives.This is also the reason why a large number of Indonesians choose GoJek.It is equivalent to solving the domestic Meituan+Didi+SF+Daily Youxian+Ctrip+Services provided by many Alipay apps.

With the popularity of Gopay,its scope of use is not limited to GoJek,and it has also become one of the collection tools for many online and offline merchants.

Payment scenarios other than GoJek

At present,there are many merchants that support Gopay payment online,such as bibit fund investment,JD Indonesia website,halodoc health platform,investment website pluang,Indonesia's famous fresh food website sayurbox,ticket ordering website tiket.com,etc.Most offline shopping malls,catering and entertainment,electronic games,etc.can also use Gopay for payment.

Although Gopay has the largest share of e-wallets in Indonesia,it is not a small shortcoming in e-commerce payments compared to its competitors.Although there is JD Indonesia as a front door,it cannot occupy the huge e-commerce market in Indonesia.In the main position,if this merger with Tokopedia is successful,Gopay is also expected to compete with competitors OVO,Dana,and shopeepay in the field of e-commerce payment.


In the long run,although Gopay does not have an independent application,it can still learn from the development model of WeChat Pay,use its large user group and cooperation with external platforms to gradually expand its share in the transaction market.At present,WeChat Pay is already a major platform(Except for Ali-based platforms)required payment methods.For Indonesian companies going overseas,Gopay is an indispensable payment method.Friends who want to know more about Gopay can communicate with payermax payment authors.